Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the cherry blossom that grew from woods

Did you know about the cherry blossom

that grew in the woods?

Grew tall and beautiful

without anybody stopping it.

Unlikely it seems,

but kept its dreams.

Cherry blossom from the woods,

lived long.

I learned from Ghetto Life 101 that the ghetto has changed for the worst, it's depressing. A lot of people die for no reason if they live in the ghetto, one girl had between twenty and thirty friends that got killed because somebody just wanted to kill them. Eric Morse was dropped from a fourteen story building window because he wouldn't steal candy for some boys. He was only five years old and the other boys were ten and eleven. I think that the ghetto wouldn't be a very nice place to live because a lot of people are unsafe, you never know when you'd get shot or have a drive by. Some people that live there might be just like us, liking to go out and hang out with friends and have a good time, but other people might be way different and rob stores and do drive byes for fun. I think the ghetto life wouldn't be the best place for white people to live because some black people have never seen white people in their life and they might be racist.