Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In Chad they were fighting because Chad obtained independence from France. Chad had between two hundred and three hundred children fighting in that war, ages from eight to eleven. I think that is horrible and the children being so young and probably not understanding whats going on shouldn't have been fighting in that war. I learned that young children fight every where no matter what type of war is going on or whats happening or happened in the country. One of the wars in Chad went on for 14 years. I think the war is still going on in Chad.. I think they should just give up and do peace. Fighting so much and so long in a country while having child soldiers is really messed up and messes up the country.


children soldiers...

I feel like children should not be used as soldiers because it's cruel to them their so little and young. Most children aren't strong so it's like torture to them. A Long Way Gone compared to The Hunger Games: In the Hunger Games the children are used to kill people that haven't done anything to them, In A Long Way Gone the children kill people because they killed their family and have destroyed their homes. In The Hunger Games they choose people by having two big glass balls with all the kids eighteen and under names in them. In A Long Way Gone they choose children to be soldiers by if they see a child they take them in and turn them into a soldier. I think the way the men in A Long Way Gone turned children into soldiers is horrible and cruel, getting them addicted to drugs and pumping their adrenalin up.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Duff

I read Duff by Kody Keplinger. It's about this girl Bianca who ends up falling in love with this boy Wesley. Bianca hates him because he's a man slut and calls her The Duff. (designated ugly fat friend). Bianca has a lot on her plate with her parents getting a divorce and being the "ugly" girl out of her friends. She does something none of her friends would imagine. I loved that this book was so easy for teenagers to relate to. When you start reading this book you get lost in it like it's you're living that life. Teenage girls would like this book more then teenage boys because it reaches out to girls and talks about bad home situations, being in high school and girl drama. It's kind of a long book but you get so into it it doesn't seem like it is.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My Country: Chad
Where is this Chad?: Central Africa
How many child soldiers are used in Chad?: 200 - 300, most of them between 8 and 11.
What type of war is being fought?: A war against countries.
Why is Chad fighting?: Chad obtained independence from France.
(it's the most corrupt country in the world)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

banned book week

I think this book should be taught in high school english classes because it's teaching us about a different lifestyle. It's teaching us about Indians who live on reservations. It's an autobiography so the language shouldn't matter. Most high school kids are mature enough to be able to handle a conversation about masturbation without having it go overboard. I think there is no reason for this book not to be taught. We use bad language so why shouldn't we be able to read it? It's a fun/funny book so it should be able to be read in classes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I chose different because we've had some classes that are very different and you wouldn't expect to happen. I wouldn't use different in a bad way but then again I wouldn't use it in a good way. It's in between. We have some classes that are different because we have a sub and were bad so we just talk about how bad we were for a sub. When we read Shakespeare we acted it out and most classes wouldn't do that. We have had some different classes that were a lot of fun, like reading Shakespeare. We all get into it and have a laugh or two and be silly. We have our different classes where we don't stop talking and hardly do any work but we learn something from talking. I like our English class because we've been around everybody for so long so when we read stuff like Shakespeare it's not awkward and we can all be different together (:

a time for dancing

I read A time for dancing by Davida Wills Hurwin. The main characters are Samantha "Sam" and Juliana "Jules" It's the summer before their senior year, One of them is diagnosed with cancer. They used to dance together, now they just share some tears. I really liked this book because it's touching and it shows how strong some friendships are, strong enough to make it through huge problems like this. It made me wonder if my friendships would be strong enough to handle something so serious and heartbreaking. I think teenage girls would like this more because it has drama, and it brings a tear to your eye. It's not a very lengthy book but some chapters are harder to read then others so it seems like it's a long book. The chapters aren't funky or anything but the only different thing about this book is it switches perspective between Sam and Jules. Most books are confusing when it switches perspective but it's not because at the top of the page it says Sam or Jules.