Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I chose different because we've had some classes that are very different and you wouldn't expect to happen. I wouldn't use different in a bad way but then again I wouldn't use it in a good way. It's in between. We have some classes that are different because we have a sub and were bad so we just talk about how bad we were for a sub. When we read Shakespeare we acted it out and most classes wouldn't do that. We have had some different classes that were a lot of fun, like reading Shakespeare. We all get into it and have a laugh or two and be silly. We have our different classes where we don't stop talking and hardly do any work but we learn something from talking. I like our English class because we've been around everybody for so long so when we read stuff like Shakespeare it's not awkward and we can all be different together (:

a time for dancing

I read A time for dancing by Davida Wills Hurwin. The main characters are Samantha "Sam" and Juliana "Jules" It's the summer before their senior year, One of them is diagnosed with cancer. They used to dance together, now they just share some tears. I really liked this book because it's touching and it shows how strong some friendships are, strong enough to make it through huge problems like this. It made me wonder if my friendships would be strong enough to handle something so serious and heartbreaking. I think teenage girls would like this more because it has drama, and it brings a tear to your eye. It's not a very lengthy book but some chapters are harder to read then others so it seems like it's a long book. The chapters aren't funky or anything but the only different thing about this book is it switches perspective between Sam and Jules. Most books are confusing when it switches perspective but it's not because at the top of the page it says Sam or Jules.

Friday, June 11, 2010

my road

last house on the left
short driveway, long road
very few houses,
quiet and calm
unless the dogs are out
not many kids
many memories of bloody murderer,
our night time game
can’t have too much fun because there is cop at the end


very common name
an extra E at the end,
gets spelt wrong all the time
I don’t know why it’s spelt different,
but I like it
makes me feel different,
not the same as all the other people with the same name
Emma’s my nickname
harder to miss spell
my name being spelled different
makes me me.

born clumsy

my feet have a mind of there own
taking me one way,
then another
they make me trip over nothing,
walk into everything
they make me fall going upstairs
I try walking a straight line,
my feet take me crooked
I don’t have good balance,
things tend to “fall” out of my hands a lot
it wasn’t an accident,
it wasn’t a random thing happening,
I was born with it

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was inspired by death because the card looks unique and death is something that everybody experiences. "The light of death stands for transformation, a new beginning, remaining in motion, and far reaching changes. The shadow is the denial of death" This part stands out to me because death is something that happens to everybody, there's no way to ever escape it. Some people view death as a good thing some view it as a bad. In some ways its a way to start over, if you believe in after life. Some people take death as something to be depressed about but some times if somebody passes away its a relief because the person isn't suffering anymore.

the real and fake

two flowers, one vase
one real, one fake
orange and bright, catches your eye
orange, dull and faded
still catches your eye but not as much
delicate and smooth,
like a baby.
rough and scratchy
like worker hands.
strong, wild and beautiful
old and mildewy
like a storage room
if I had to chose one,
I’d keep the real and
give the fake away.
with the fake memories not as strong,
as the reals memories
the real had more meaning to me,
more memories, more value