Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a time for dancing

I read A time for dancing by Davida Wills Hurwin. The main characters are Samantha "Sam" and Juliana "Jules" It's the summer before their senior year, One of them is diagnosed with cancer. They used to dance together, now they just share some tears. I really liked this book because it's touching and it shows how strong some friendships are, strong enough to make it through huge problems like this. It made me wonder if my friendships would be strong enough to handle something so serious and heartbreaking. I think teenage girls would like this more because it has drama, and it brings a tear to your eye. It's not a very lengthy book but some chapters are harder to read then others so it seems like it's a long book. The chapters aren't funky or anything but the only different thing about this book is it switches perspective between Sam and Jules. Most books are confusing when it switches perspective but it's not because at the top of the page it says Sam or Jules.

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